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Stress Relief Links

Apps to try: 


One Minute Pause:  


Soultime Christian Meditation: 

You Version Rest App: 

Three Good Things App:



Remember to just breathe (3:41 min):  

Christian Deep Breathing (10:08):  

Just breathe in and out for a minute with this breathing bubble:  


Drawing and Coloring: 


Have fun drawing: 


Play some calming music as you color online:




To print out coloring pages: 


Try some interactive generative online drawing:  



Listen and watch this beautiful meditation on gratefulness by Brother David Steindl-Rast (5:22 min.): 


Guided Meditation: 


For “Guided Christian Meditation – Worry and Anxiety – Meditation Only (19:22 min.):  

Christian Guided Scriptural Mediation & Relaxation with Music from Psalm 103 (11:02 min.):  


Christian Guided Scriptural Meditation "Be Quiet, Be Still, Be Calm" with music and water sounds (8:44 min.):  


Bible Verses with Storms for Sleep and Meditation - 2 hours (Female Narrator)  

Bible Verses with Piano for Sleep and Meditation - 2 hours (Female Narrator):  

Guided Christian Meditation: Reducing Anxiety (8 min.):  


Just Laugh (Just for fun): 

Walter’s Laugh (3:23 min):    

Spontaneous laughter (2:59 min):  



Peaceful & Calming Music for Relief from Stress & Anxiety Christian Meditation Music (53:12 min.):  

Instant Relief from Stress and Anxiety | Detox Negative Emotions, Calm Nature Healing Sleep Music (3 hours):  

Good Vibes - Happy Energy Music Beats to Work, Study, Relax (2 hours):  

Classical Music for Studying – Mozart and others (90 min.)  

Mozart Effect | Improvement Smarter Mental Development Classical Music (Approx. 2 hours):  


Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 

(5:26 min):  


Puzzles & Games: 


Try a jigsaw puzzle online:  

If it relaxes you try a word search puzzle: 

Take a break and play a game online: 




This is a quick instruction (2:52 min): 

After you have the basics from the quick instruction you can follow along with this video (5:32 min): 


Basic Christ-centered Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Sequence (7:44 min):  


Visually Relax:



Ocean Waves: 

Northern Lights:  






If you are in an immediate crisis, please call 911 in the US and Canada, 999 in the UK, 000 In Australia or 112 in Europe.
Alternatively, you can visit Befrienders Worldwide to find a suicide helpline for your country.

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